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My New X650 Carbon Fibre Foldable QuadCopter

My New X650 Carbon Fibre Foldabe QuadCopter

carbonquadfolded CarbonQuadFlying

APM2.5 flight controller, Ublox LEA-6H GPS antenna, AX2810Q 750KV motors, 12×4.5 Rctimer Carbon Fibre Propellers, BS N-FET 30A ESCs with SimonK Firmware. APM2.5 2.91b firmware.

Still a bit of throttle spikes during forward flight but overall a great flyer!


X-CAM Tech X100B 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Test.

X-CAM Tech X100B 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Test.

Setting up my X-CAM Tech X100B Brushless Gimbal and test flying it.


This is the first test flight I am attempting while using the X-CAM Tech X-CAM 100B 2 axis Brushless Gimbal. The initial results are very promising. Although there were some roll jitter issues (which I smoothed out using Deshaker), overall the 100B worked very well. I was also concerned that my re-configured Reptile Quad will not be able to handle the weight, but the test flight proved that the motors, props and battery configuration can more than handle the additional weight. All that is left for me is to re-tweak the roll gimbal settings. On another note, the previous carbon fiber propellers doesn’t seem to be generating much lift, changing to carbon nylon Gemfan 11×4.7 props improved the lift efficiency. 11 inchers are about the biggest props I can use, 12 inchers will hit each other. Overall, I’m very impressed with this product.

The X100B is powered by a 850mah 3S 25C Zippy Compact LiPo.




Flying again near Gardens by the Bay and at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

A Sunday morning flight with friends. Testing my wire mount and doing some extreme flying on my Reptile 500 Quad

Flying my Quad again at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park, video rolls removed with Deshaker 3


Video Stabilization with Deshaker V3

I shot this video on my Reptile 500 Quad with my old 1st Gen GoPro Hero HD camera. There is some rolling shutter caused my extreme moves, but overall the footage is pretty alright for most parts. I’ll be testing this setup with my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition the next weekend.

Video is post stabilized with the Deshaker V3 Filter for VirutalDub, all freeware.


GoPro Wire Rope mount built with Furniture Coasters

GoPro Wire Rope mount built with Furniture Coasters

Gopro mount2

I like my Reptile 500 Quad, and it flies like a dream. Having it equipped with a APM2.5 and GPS, it is almost semi autonomous. However shooting video on my GoPro on it is terrible as the vibrations caused lots of rolling shutter and resulting in jello-vision. I have tried all sorts of methods to eliminate jello but this is one method I have not tried yet, so hopefully I’ll know this weekend when I go for a test flight.

I’ve used a couple of Furniture Coasters and a Bicycle brake cable steel wire rope with brass connectors to construct this Wire Rope suspender. Hopefully it will eliminate the annoying rolling shutter effect caused by vibrations. Will try a test flight this weekend. I’ll probably pour some epoxy glue at the suspended coaster to keep the wires from sliding.


Success!!!! It works much better than I thought! This is the best way eliminate jellovision from your quadcopters!


Sunday Multicopter funfly with friends

Return to the field near Marina Gardens by the Bay along Marina Mall drive.

Had my Tcopter propeller disintegrate and crashing, luckily, it was easily repaired and it was flying in no time.


Funfly near Gardens by the Bay

Out Flying with my friend last Saturday near the Gardens By the Bay.