My Experience with HFMD

At the age of 45, contracting HFMD is the last thing on my mind, but that was what exactly happened on the 19th of June 2018. The week prior to my infection, I was playing tour guide and host to my relatives from my wife’s side for almost a week. They were visiting Singapore for the first time and I wanted to make sure they enjoy their experience here. After I sent them to the airport, I prepared for my own vacation. A week long trip to Taiwan with my mother, wife and 4 year old son. I have to admit that planning the logistics and hosting my relatives have left me stressed out and tired. In fact, originally I looked forward to the Taiwan trip but it turned out to be a very stressful and rushed affair for me. Coupled with lack of sleep and a sudden change in my dietary cycle ( I was doing intermittent fasting for the past 2 months), my body’s immune system was compromised.

On the first couple days in my trip I still felt fine, however on the 2nd day, my son developed an ulcer and I had to go to a local pharmacy to get medicine for him. There is a possibility I could have caught the infection from him, but he didn’t develop full blown HFMD. On the 2nd day I noticed a small blood spot on my left index finger. I squeezed it and a drop of blood came out and the pain was prickly sharp. I didn’t think much about it. That was on the 19th. Subsequently the 2nd day saw more spots appear on edges of my fingers and touching the  spots caused a sharp pain. Then small ulcers start to appear in my mouth between the gums and inner lip, these started to spread till I  even had them under my tongue.  More spots appeared under the palms and on and under my feet. Opening and closing my fingers became painful, eating became very annoying due to the ulcers. I had to use some of my son’s medication to keep the ulcers from stinging. On the 2nd day, I had to take some of my son’s fever medication to keep a fever under control. I was getting very lethargic and have very low energy levels. By the 3rd day of infection, my body couldn’t take it anymore and I had to ask the tour leader to retreat to my bedroom for rest, not before purchasing some Panadol from the Watson’s pharmacy.


By now the dots on my hands and feet had become full blown blisters bleeding internally when you pressed them and filling with angry red blood. My mouth had canker sores and they grew and joined and eating was pure torture. I kicked myself for not bringing a big bottle of Colloidal silver, something that could  at least keep the coxsackie virus under control.  On the 4th day, I recovered enough to go out for some sightseeing, shopping and night market tour, however the blisters and ulcers are still causing massive discomfort. At this point I just look forward to go home as soon as I could

On the last day of the tour, immediately after I reached home, I downed about 1 liter of Colloidal Silver. It was Saturday 23rd June when I drank the 17 ppm strength colloidal silver. I went to bed almost immediately. I spent the whole Sunday resting and drinking more colloidal silver and swishing my mouth every few hours with more CS. 24 hours after my Colloidal Silver treatment, I began to feel the pain and negative effects of the blisters and ulcers beginning to subside a little. 48 hours later, I continued to drink cups of Colloidal silver and swish my mouth with it, I began to feel the virus retreating.  Exactly 1 week after infection and with the colloidal silver protocol, the worst effects of the HFMD are gone. My blisters don’t hurt anymore and the ulcers subsided.


As I am writing this, it is exactly 2 weeks 2 days after I got infected. The blisters are gone and ugly red spots have completely subsided. For those of you who believe in the efficacy of Colloidal Silver, I highly recommend packing at least a pet bottle 1.2l of it on your overseas trip. Rather than buying ready made Colloidal Silver, I made mine using pure Distilled water and a Colloidal Silver Generator


I firmly believe that if I had my Colloidal Silver with me, I didn’t have to deal with the pain and discomfort that HFMD brings along. I guess I had it much easier than some other adults, or perhaps the strain of HFMD I got was not as horrendous other adult experiences.

This account provides a very detailed breakdown of an adult sufferer of HFMD



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