My New X650 Carbon Fibre Foldable QuadCopter

My New X650 Carbon Fibre Foldabe QuadCopter

carbonquadfolded CarbonQuadFlying

APM2.5 flight controller, Ublox LEA-6H GPS antenna, AX2810Q 750KV motors, 12×4.5 Rctimer Carbon Fibre Propellers, BS N-FET 30A ESCs with SimonK Firmware. APM2.5 2.91b firmware.

Still a bit of throttle spikes during forward flight but overall a great flyer!


4 responses to “My New X650 Carbon Fibre Foldable QuadCopter

  1. Hi there sir, I chanced upon this site while I was searching on quadcopters in Singapore and I noticed you used to frequent places like bishan park which is really near to my house. Although this post was like a year ago.. Do you still fly your multirotors at bishan park? If so, I’m really interested in building one myself and it would be really great if I could get some pointers from you in person or through email.

    • Hi Jayd, I have stopped flying muticopters for the time being due to other commitments but I plan to return to it when I have more free time. I only flew at Bishan at a couple of occasions and I do not advise anyone to fly at the park if they are complete beginners. Strictly speaking, you are not allowed to fly beyond 200feet height and the park has a no RC flying policy over the big fields. I tried to minimize the risks by flying line of sight only and above the water and away from spectators or people. These things are not perfect and even the most advanced multicopters can still go haywire.

      For the beginner, I would suggest you get a small and cheap multicopter toy to practice flying, a simulator is also good if you can get it. There are plenty of resources on the internet on how to get started on this hobby. The easiest would be to get a ready to fly system, but you learn nothing from this. Youtube has plenty of how to videos on how to build a quadcopter, I would highly recommend you start there. Just search for “quadcopter tutorial” or “multicopter tutorial”

      • Thanks for the reply!

        Firstly on the hardware side like frames, esc etc. I’m quite comfortable with. The thing i’m not familiar with is building my own flight controller, especially programming codes. I’ve found the components online to build a flight controller but the codes i do not understand..

        Anyway, really glad to hear back from you in just a day and thanks for the infos given up top 🙂

  2. The Flight Controllers I used are the KK2 and the APM2 from 3DRobotics and there are many more out there. If you are going the APM route, I suggest you check out their website for a more detailed documentation.

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