GoPro Wire Rope mount built with Furniture Coasters

GoPro Wire Rope mount built with Furniture Coasters

Gopro mount2

I like my Reptile 500 Quad, and it flies like a dream. Having it equipped with a APM2.5 and GPS, it is almost semi autonomous. However shooting video on my GoPro on it is terrible as the vibrations caused lots of rolling shutter and resulting in jello-vision. I have tried all sorts of methods to eliminate jello but this is one method I have not tried yet, so hopefully I’ll know this weekend when I go for a test flight.

I’ve used a couple of Furniture Coasters and a Bicycle brake cable steel wire rope with brass connectors to construct this Wire Rope suspender. Hopefully it will eliminate the annoying rolling shutter effect caused by vibrations. Will try a test flight this weekend. I’ll probably pour some epoxy glue at the suspended coaster to keep the wires from sliding.


Success!!!! It works much better than I thought! This is the best way eliminate jellovision from your quadcopters!


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