My First Hexacopter

Cost Breakdown for my Hexacopter

1. SIX600 Fiberglass & Aluminum 6-axial DIY Frame – High Landing Skid from – $25.04 USD
2. Gemfan 11×4.7 Nylon Carbon mix Prop CW/CWW pair from Himodel – $2.95 x 3 USD
3. NTM Prop Drive SeriesĀ 2836 750kv with Accessory Pack (ordered separately from HobbyKing) – $17.10 x 6 USD
4. Modified 30A ESCs flashed with Simon K’s custom firmware from Sgdrones – $20SGD round off to $15 x 6 USD
5. APM 2.0 Purple Fully Assembled Flight Controller from Sgdrones – $260 SGD round off to $200 USD
6. HK600GT landing skid (H60039) and HK600GT landing skid pipe (H60137) (ordered separately from HobbyKing) – $3.13 USD
7. 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (10pcs/set) – $4 USD
8. 10CM Servo Lead (Futaba) 32AWG Ultra Light (10pcs/set) – $1.99 USD
9. Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 12AWG (1mtr) BLACK – $2.49 per meter
10. Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 12AWG (1mtr) RED – $2.49 per meter
11. PolyMax 3.5mm Gold Connectors 10 PAIRS (20PC) – $1.50 x 2 USD
12. Turnigy 6mm Heat Shrink Tube – BLACK (1mtr) – $0.25 USD per Meter
13. Turnigy 6mm Heat Shrink Tube – RED (1mtr) – $0.25 USD per Meter
14. Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs) GENUINE – $ 3.19 USD

(items 7 to 14 ordered from HobbyKing)

Grand total $447.28 USD not inclusive of shipping for overseas items.
items not included are Batteries and Radio Transmitter and Receiver.

Optional items – 3DR telemetry radio $130 SGD (soldering required for pins)
3DR GPS U-Blox LEA-6 $121.99 SGD ( modification required to the APM2)

Other items needed are,
Double sided foam mounting tape, PVC container to protect the APM2 flight controller. 200W soldering iron and flux core soldering lead. Hands free soldering stand, this is a MUST have for soldering wires and connectors . Cutters, pliers, hex and ordinary screwdrivers. Screws and nuts to secure the landing gear, default screws are too small from the frame kit I bought, so I used my own 3mm bolts and lock nuts. Nylon cable ties to tie the wider landing gear to the narrower landing gear of the hexa frame. Velcro straps to hold the battery. Fiber tape for sticking the Power distribution cables to the frame. Glue gun to insulate the power distribution cable
I built my own Power distribution using 2 loops of 12AWG black and red cables, soldered the ends together and made six cuts along the cable and carefully solder a female Polymax 3.5mm connector onto it. A separate cable is soldered with a XT60 connector for the battery. ESCs power cables are too short and are extended with the 12AWG cables and soldered with the male Polymax connectors in turn are connected to the self soldered Power distribution cables.

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