SynthEyes 2011 Stereo 3D tracking with GoPro 3D system

Updated with Feature and Light Render and correction of ground plane

Another successful experiment to solve a 3D shot on SynthEyes 2011. Here is the overview of the workflow.

The Cameras I used are the GoPro HD 3D system. Using their GoPro software, I synched the left right footage and re-exported them out. I converted them from Mp4s into Avis using the free Mp4Cam2AVI software and then use these 2 excellent free plugins for VirtualDub, Barrel Distort Correction and DeShaker 3. – forum post describing the Barrel Distort Correction plugin – Link to download the virtualdub plug-in package containing the Barrel Distort Correction vdf plugin. – link to download Deshaker version 3 – I only used the Rolling Shutter removal option and reduced the smooth option to zero in Pass 2 so that it doesn’t stabilize my footage, only removing the Rolling Shutter.

After correcting the left and right footage with the same settings, I dropped them into SynthEyes 2011 and used the Stereo/Stereo solve option. Took around 10 minutes on my 64bit Win 7 i7 990 Extreme at 3.7Ghz to solve. RMS error around 1.4.

The resulting left and right camera previews are rendered from the Perspective – Preview movie option. Each camera shot is rendered individually.

The 2 exported left right footage are them combined in a video editor according to Youtube’s 3D video specifications, compressed and them uploaded to Youtube.


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