My GoPro 3D Heroes

My recently acquired 3D cameras

I was looking for a reasonably priced 3D camera solution and narrowed it down to the Sony 3D Bloggie which offered a decent image quality and great price, however it is not released in Singapore yet. The other available 3D cameras from Panasonic, Sony and JVC are simply beyond the budget I’m prepared to spend. I was aware that GoPro has a 3D solution where they synch 2 of their HD Heroes together using a special attachment. I saw the only 3D system for sale at Harvey Norman and I figured the total price for getting 2 HD Heroes and the 3D system and 2 8GB SD cards is still cheaper than buying a dedicated 3D camera, so I went for it.

The Video quality is acceptable for my 3D tracking work and Rolling shutter on the CMOS sensors is quite minimal. In order to get good footage, lighting is very important. Since they are 2 individual camera, the colours and contrast between the 2 is slightly different. GoPro does provide a very good software to correct these and synch the 2 camera footage.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the cameras, they get the job done.


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