My first 3D track with Syntheyes 2011 and the GoPro 3D Hero System

This is my first successful attempt at 3D auto tracking with SynthEyes 2011. I had to remove barrel distortion of the GoPro footage before solving the 3D tracks. The original left and right footage are not synchronized and that is fixed by using the CineForm Studio software from GoPro. Converted synched output from MP4 to Cineform Neoscene AVIs and fed the 2 shots into SynthEyes for solving.Final 3D footage is rendered from Syntheyes Stereo anaglyph perspective locked camera view. You will need a pair of Anaglyph 3D glasses with Red on the left and Cyan/Blue on the right to see the effect.


3 responses to “My first 3D track with Syntheyes 2011 and the GoPro 3D Hero System

  1. Nice !

    What settings did you put for the camera ? (Filmback width, filmback length, lens distortion…) ?

    (PS : These are Boujou settings, but I can imagine Syntheyes is quite similar !)

  2. According to GoPro, the lens I have is a 1.7mm fish eye lens. The original footage is heavily barrel distorted. Initially I got rid of the barrel distortion in Syntheyes and just let it auto solve and got a rough solve with heavy RMS errors. So I used the Barrel Distortion filter ( to remove the distortion and let Syntheyes auto solve again and the errors came down a lot and I got a decent solve. I have just discovered another Virtual Dub filter called DeShaker V3 ( and that can remove the annoying Rolling Shutter that the Gopro camera has.

    I did not enter any filmback info, all I did is remove the barrel distortion and autosolve. OF course after solving I have to manually align the feature cloud so the 3D objects match. I’ll be doing a more challenging manual tracked stereo shot soon and will post the results here.

  3. Thank you for those precious information. I got rid of the barrel distortion using Optics Correction effect in After Effects. Boujou seems to have difficulties tracking my shot with default settings, I might try Syntheyes 🙂

    Good luck for your next trackings.


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