DIY D|Focus Riser

When I go out for shoot, the frustrating part during a shoot is to have the battery go out. Then I have to disassemble my setup to change the battery which can be a hassle. Although I have a battery grip, I can’t use it with my D|Focus FF unit without using a riser. After some brainstorming I came out with this solution.

Well the photos are pretty self explanatory. I bought a 2m(around 9ft) of 1/4 20 screw thread and cut around 80mm to act as risers. I also used long nuts to strengthen the screw shaft. Big washers and spring washers will apply a dampening effect for the FF gear teeth to mesh properly. The spring washers also allow for adjustment of the meshing by turning the nuts directly. The long nuts and lower nuts are tightened to create a stable platform.

The only drawback is that I have to use another method to attach my ZFinder Pro, however I have a third party magnetic LCDVF so that will suffice for this setup. I also realized that the lower magnification (2.5x versus 3x of the ZFinder) of the LCDVF is better at acquiring focus as the LCD pixels not too magnified.


One response to “DIY D|Focus Riser

  1. Great DIY … keep it up … becos’ you can …

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