DSLR rig finally complete with arrival of (800×480) LCD monitor

Bought a relatively cheap LCD HD monitor (CVFQ-E157) from Chinavision.com. Ordered on Tuesday (12thApril2011) and just got it today. Took some effort and thinking to install the monitor. Have a very heavy rig now, and the monitor doesn’t seem to work very well with Magic Lantern (A known Issue). It goes into power freezes when I hit record. Monitor works okay with default settings but it has a long 2-3 second pause from hitting of record. Overall it is fairly bright, comes with full HD resolution (its actually 800×480, website that sells the Monitor is misleading about the capability) and that helps Focus a lot. The small sun hood provided can be extended by taping some cardboard or hard plastic sheets. Comes with a Lithium Polymer battery. There is an annoying small battery indicator graphic that doesn’t go away when the monitor is on and there are no menu settings to remove it. Overall it looks like a OEM Lilliput monitor as the design is very similar.

Below are pictures after I set it up.


Update 9th May 2011

I found out from DSLR Film Noob that I can eliminate the HDMI blinking when I hit record by switching to DVI monitoring . Details in the video below.


4 responses to “DSLR rig finally complete with arrival of (800×480) LCD monitor

  1. Looks sweet! I was thinking about getting a lilliput monitor as well.

  2. Hi, have you verified it’s truly a 1080p monitor? Those 7″ panels are usually just 800×480, rhey downscale 1080p to that res. A true cheap 1080p monitor would be huge. And did you have to pay import duty

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