My GINI rigs by G-Cinema has arrived.

Very excited to get my GINI rigs today.

2 GINI Rigs all laid out on my bed.

As I have ordered 2 rigs, I mixed and matched to modify my Zacuto Striker to look like a mini Crossfire.

Zacuto Gini mixed rig with D|Focus follow focus unit

The GINI rigs are incredibly well made and the new handle designs are very comfortable to hold. For the price, they are worth more bang for the buck compared to more expensive well known brands like Zacuto or Red Rock. Though I must add, the rigs don’t come with instructions, allen keys or lifetime warranties like Zacuto or other well known manufacturers. Quality wise they are on par with the best out there.

Here’s my own custom rig with the CineFocus R2 follow focus unit.

GINI rig with CineFocus R2 unit, looks great with the red accents

GINI RIG on the floor

Get your GINI rigs here on ebay. Bidding strategy – the prices listed on the Ebay shop can be ridiculously high and some people including me have paid for it. You can try to bid for  “bid offer” rigs for  a very low price (perhaps  1/4 to 1/5th of the original price) and you may even win the bid. Don’t get into a bidding war at the last minutes, hold your ground, the GINI ebay store has more rigs to sell and even if you lose the bid like I did for one, I was offered another one immediately, so don’t raise your initial bid price.

You can also order your GINI rigs at this website. Shopping cart only works on Internet Explorer and registration required. Prices there are way lower, however watch out for the shipping prices and it appears they deliberately list a limited number of rig combos.




7 responses to “My GINI rigs by G-Cinema has arrived.

  1. This is great. It seems like they raised there price a tad bit so still outta my reach but still on the radar!

  2. Hello sir, I ordered the gini from ebay and did not receive my clamp for the monitor . Did you get all your parts? And do you think I will have a problem out of them getting what they forgot to add?

    • I got all my parts, I think you have to resolve that with the seller, lay out all the parts you have received and take a photo. Send the picture to them and tell GINI that you are missing your Monitor holder. Tell them nicely of course.

  3. How does the thread on the rods compare to zacuto? Same thread?

  4. Weeliano,

    Are you sure the threads on and in the rods are the same? Based on what you wrote here, I bought a Zacuto threaded adapter to insert into my Gini rod. It doesn’t work.

    • I can verify that between a Zacuto rod and the Gini threaded rod extensions, the threads do fit, however I’m not sure about the Zacuto threaded adapter as I don’t have those. There’s a possibility of inconsistency on GINI parts, I have 3 GINI rigs and disassembled them all to create my frankensrigs, there are some GINI rods that don’t fit perfectly, meaning there’s still a small gap after screwing in the rods . I bought my Zacuto and GINI stuff early this year and its possible that there are different thread sizes offered by Zacuto for their extensions, but I’m not sure. I have also a pair of rods from Shoot35 and their thread sizes are completely different, they are finer and don’t fit the Zacuto or GINI rods.

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